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Rural Health and the Law: Problems, Public Health Approaches, and Potential Legal Solutions, All Parts

Session Dates: September 12, October 10, November 14
Time (All Sessions): 2:00-3:30 PM Eastern (90 minutes) 
Sessions Format: Live Webinars

In the wake of the 2016 presidential elections, media attention was drawn to the increasingly divergent economic fortunes of rural and urban America. Rural areas have suffered from high rates of outmigration and loss of human resources, and some predominantly rural regions, especially in Appalachia, have seen marked declines in life expectancy and other health indicators. One key factor in this decline has been diminished access to healthcare: rural hospitals, in contrast to their well-funded urban counterparts, have struggled to keep the lights on. Hospital groups have increasingly consolidated operations, leaving rural hospitals understaffed and underfunded. Hospital closures are far from the only negative health trend impacting rural areas: the opioid epidemic too, is concentrated primarily in rural areas. Participants in all three programs will come away with an understanding of drivers of this disparity, and innovations in public health and healthcare to address these issues. Legal and policy solutions will be discussed including the use of telemedicine, medical-legal partnerships, rural accountable care organizations, and county-based care integration models.

This webinar series will serve to bring awareness to the unique health needs of rural communities, and o inform and educate public health and health lawyers, their clients, and partners across the health care system, about the growing disparity between rural and urban health outcomes, and ways that laws and legal frameworks can be used to address this issue. This monthly series will begin in September and end in November, on November 14th, one week before the nation celebrates National Rural Health Day.

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

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